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This training and curriculum is created from the best and most effective traditional methods and techniques used in 19th-century European academies and private ateliers, the apprentice system of the Renaissance. The result is a rigorous and demanding system, which also offers the greatest flexibility to meet the specific needs of each student so that they progress at their own best pace.


The curriculum is designed as a systematic progression, which breaks down the altogether complex and intimidating challenge of learning to draw and paint realistically from life, into practical stages. Each stage requires that the student acquire and demonstrate specific skills before advancing to the next and more challenging stage. Students therefore progress through the curriculum in a logical and step-by-step fashion leading ultimately to free and confident painting in oil. The speed at which a student advances through the curriculum is directly related to how much time and effort they invest. Students will receive personalized critiques and instruction during each training session that relates specifically to their needs.

All of our students have amazing opportunity to make quality portfolio during the program.

We also work specifically with pre-college/college students to build necessary skills and get the best and fastest results with their own portfolio. 

Our resources are limited

and we are not offering group formal adult classes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Chicago has few classical art ateliers we can recommend:

(we are not affiliated with any of them)

  1. The Ravenswood Atelier

  2. Vitruvian Fine Art Studio

  3. Palette & Chisel Art Academy



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