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While American art has increasingly drifted away from the true roots and heritage of the classical period, but European and Asian art schools, art colleges, ateliers and academies have retained the classical values and continued to develop and train their artists along the lines of the great masters. 

Most art schools today are with the total dominance of modernism and post-modernism and as a result, many students graduate without a true practical knowledge of art disciplines and even ability to draw what they see realistically. Realism is forgotten and highly neglected. 


  • The contemporary American art world over the last century has continually increased modernism, post-modernism and liberalism. 

  • In most art schools today we see expanding focus and emphasis on individual self-expression and highly abstract values. 

  • In a modern society many artists have been trained and educated without any respect or recognition of the true classical foundation and the practical academic disciplines of the past.  

  • Focus on speed, marketability and profitability in the highly materialized consumer-orientated world has caused many artists to neglect the fundamental classical values and disciplines of the Classical Realism.



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