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ART School Schedule 2022-2023
August 16 / 2022 - June 16 / 2023

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(ATTENDANCE by appointment only!)

EACH Student must be assigned

to the specific weekday at the studio

if you need to change day contact us asap


2022 -2023:

October 28 -November 11

November 24 (Thanksgiving)

December 20, Tuesday (Family emergency)

December 23, 2022 - January 3, 2023 (Christmas break) 

April 21-30 ( Spring break, Lessons will resume on May 1)

Mother's Day May 14, 2023


ON-LINE Zoom Lessons:

Wednesday, Thursday 4:30-6:30pm

For better home studio environment please

 buy easel here, buy drawing board here



Monday 4-6:30pm,

Tuesday 4-7pm, Wednesday, Thursday 4:30-7 pm,

Sunday 12-4pm

IMPORTANT: NO REFUNDS for missed classes please make up your required hours for certified or diploma program

We require an Entrance Exam Lesson for enrollment! 

We can not accept kids younger than 12 years of age since we believe the formal approach is not the best choice for very young minds.  Students have to be familiar with major geometric shapes 2D and 3D, understand meaning of "symmetry" for best experience with introductory test lesson.

For 15+students the introductory lesson is a wonderful opportunity to see if the formal approach is best for your needs.

Prayers and love, 

RAS admin 

2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR August 16-June16

CURRENT STUDENTS USE this form to re-register every academic year!   

Please PRINT, FILL IN, BRING to the teacher 

NEW STUDENTS (only after you passed the entrance exam) 

can be registered or placed on the waiting list (1-20 months)




We take it seriously, invest our time and maximum effort in our students!

Our program is a college level program - it can be overwhelming and challenging for young children.

Please encourage your child and try to motivate him/her if you feel he/she is about to give up.

Good luck to all students! Stay strong!

Certified 3 years program/5 years diploma program:

Every student must  accomplish 200 contact hours (for the period AUGUST 20-JUNE 20) during the academic year:

  • Academic painting - 80 hours, 

  • Academic drawing -80  hours,

  • Sketching from life 40-60 hours depends on level.

  • Color theory 25-50 hours 

  • Perspective 25 hours


Thank you for cooperation!

                                                                                                                                       Renaissance Art School ADMIN

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