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NO VISITORS to the studio allowed due to covid-19.

we keep studio environment safe and clean. Thank you for cooperation.

Attendance or testing By appointment ONLY! 

Address: 91 Landon Cir, Wheaton, IL 60189
Phone: (872) 216-6499


Thank you for your interest in formal art education and the Renaissance Art School.

We require an Entrance Exam Lesson for ALL classes!

-----> please schedule the test lesson NOW text to (872) 216-6499

Please Send US  your child's best art works to get qualified for the test!

We can not accept kids younger than 11-12 years of age since we believe the formal approach is not the best choice for young minds.  Students must know all geometric shapes 2D and 3D, understand meaning of "symmetry" for best experience with introductory test lesson.

For 15+students the introductory lesson  is a wonderful opportunity to see if the formal approach is best for your needs.


 Are you READY for serious ART program? For systematic European art school approach?! We are the only Kids art school in IL with formal academic art program.



4 hours at the studio, approx. 2-6 hours for homework a WEEK.

NO refunds for missed classes - please make up your required program hours.

We want to take everyone who really wants to learn how to draw and paint but unfortunately our resources  are limited, we do not have enough instructors and space. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Waiting list up to 24 months and 1-3 months for AP program. To get a spot on a waiting list child must pass the entrance test.


We are serious about art and we make a difference!

We raise true artists!


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