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Pre-Academic Course: 

(PREPARATORY CLASS - 4 hours a week)


We strictly believe that formal art education is not for everyone but we also believe that everyone has the inner Artist!

We can not accept kids younger than 12 years of age since the child have to know all 2D and 3D geometric shapes, understand the meaning of  symmetry, proportions, placement, arrangement. 

Thank you for cooperation!

Our preparation program was designed to prepare kids for academic program. We use step-by-step approach for any child to open up creativity and the ability to produce beautiful realistic works of art. By maintaining an average of only 10 students per instructor, our children’s classes are structured to ensure that each student receives the best art instruction available.

Students, as young as about 12 years of age, begin gaining a solid foundation in how to draw and paint from the very first art class they attend. Kids learn fundamentals drawing, color theory, composition, painting.  

We believe that drawing is a foundation to all other artistic fields.Using graphite pencils, colored pencils, gouache paint, acrylic paint students building important skills that result in realistic art they produce. Unleashing your child’s talent and creativity is that easy.


We have an ongoing enrollment and you can register for classes right now

after student will pass successfully the entrance exam by appointment only.


TEXT US/CALL TO SCHEDULE the entrance exam day/time NOW!

Important: PLEASE LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE or simply text to (872) 216-6499!

PLEASE SEND US YOUR CHILD'S CURRENT ART WORKS - anything that proofs your child is seriously interested in art and loves drawing. 



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