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  • We truly believe that formal art approach should not be introduced to kids younger than 12 years old because they are not ready for it. The program will be too hard for them and they'll loose interest for any art education  for a very long time.

  • We suggest "free subjects" art lessons till the age of 9-12 since exploring the creativity are very important for the child's development. Please visit your local art studios for them.

  • Better start playing with materials from the very early age (2 years old) to warm up interest for the art in child. 

  • 99% of our students don't have any prior art training so no worries about your child prior art education.


At the age of 12, when your child mature enough he/she can start building important skills that will result in amazing and realist art work. 


 We use step-by-step approach for any child to open up the ability to produce beautiful realistic works of art.

By maintaining 10-15 students per instructor, our children’s classes are structured to ensure that each student receives the best art instruction available and work independently. Students begin gaining a solid foundation in how to draw and paint from the very first art class they attend. Using colored pencils, gouache, acrylics, watercolors, graphite pencils, charcoal and oils students building important skills that result in realistic art they produce. Unleashing your child’s talent and creativity is that easy.


We have an ongoing enrollment and you can register for classes any time of the year but Student must take the entrance exam prior enrollment /instructor will see if the student is ready for the art program.


We always here to listen, help and give personal advice-just call/text us now!  



Classical Art School Academy program & methodology

  • Academy Visual and Structural Drawing (Comparative method, sight-size method)

  • Academy Painting (Impressionism, Photo-realism)

  • Color Theory 

  • Art Vocabulary

  • Morphological and anatomical studies

  • Perspective studies

  • Coping of old-masters works 


We have academy approach for every age, level and experience! 


The classical high quality visual Art program (5-6 years) is created from the best and most effective traditional methods and techniques used in 19th-century by European academies and ateliers-the apprentice system of the Renaissance. The program teaches techniques that developed over the more than 600 years; it is the complex system that created many masters: Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, Caravaggio, Velasquez, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Bouguereau and many others.


Students of any age do not need to have a portfolio of finished art-work to enroll!

Our teaching program is unique, and all students will start with the fine art fundamentals.


The program is designed as a systematic progression, which breaks down the altogether complex and intimidating challenge of learning to draw and paint realistically from life, into practical stages.

IMPORTANT: Each level requires that the student acquire and demonstrate specific skills before advancing to the next and more challenging level. The speed at which a student advances through the program is directly related to how much time and effort they invest.

Students will receive personalized critiques and instruction during each training session.

This time-tested program gives students a high degree of skills. Drawing is the foundation of everything we do at school. Our graduated students have a wonderful opportunity to receive scholarships/grants into prestigious Colleges and Universities not only in IL but anywhere in US.


We are serious about Classical Realism and we make a difference!



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